Have Your Much Needed Zen Mode at San Rafael River Adventure

April 27, 2017

It's been awhile since my family and I went for a Summer vacation trip and i'm glad we tried out San Rafael River Adventure, this time. To be honest, i wasn't expecting so much from it at first. I already saw it online through Facebook and so did my brother who suggested it, but being a fan of modern infinity pool and morning hotel view, i didn't instantly get smitten by this new Summer spot a lot of people have been talking about. 

So what led us to this place? One huge factor is that San Rafael River Adventure allows you to bring your pets! Which is a deal breaker for us since we don't have a maid at the moment who will watch out for our dog that is actually such a clingy furball, we just couldn't bear leaving her alone at the house with those sad puppy eyes. :(

Another thing is the travel convenience, this place is hardly 2 hours away from the city! I mean i love long road trips and all but just knowing there's this hidden gem 2 hours away from you, away from real life is such a hassle-free and something worth considering if you need a quick escape from reality and well, responsibilities. :p

We had an overnight stay at the resort (Sunday to Monday) and got there at 6 pm since that is their check-in time (check-out is 6 pm the next day) and were accommodated well by their nice and friendly staff. Upon checking in at our Glass Cottage, I quickly fell inlove. With its tree-house-like interior, air conditioned wide space room for 5 people (since we paid for an extra), a very neat bathroom, an LED TV (with cable!), Refrigerator, water heater and a lovely roof top bed for 2 (which is where my brother and i stayed of course :p), i knew and i'm sure by then i'm going to have a BLAST. 

Not to mention the pool experience at night!! Looking so lovely with all those tree and pool lights. You may choose to go for a swim at their pool or pamper yourself at this chill jaccuzzi area and certainly have a cold summer night. ;)

And I MEAN, who wouldn't love to wake up with a classic tapsilog breakfast (comes for free with the overnight package), a very chill front porch and read a book at a comfy hammock chair? because i DO!!

Enjoy an afternoon dip with such a relaxing view and the best part of it? grill as much food as you can, bring as much food as you want!

Our overnight stay at the Glass Cottage costs P10k (good for 4) and P1k for extra person which i think isn't bad of a deal anymore. They do offer Day Tour package which costs P750/Pax good for 4 and P3,000 to avail of their Kubo cottage. 

Other packages include the Glamping Package which costs P3,500 good for 2, Glass Villa worth P24k good for 12 persons and Glass Tree House worth P15k good for 6 persons. All are based on overnight rate with free breakfast and Kayak use. Aside from these cozy villa packages, you can also enjoy outdoor activities such as Kayak, Banana Boat, Horse Back Riding, Jetski, Wake Boarding and a lot more. To know more about their accommodation rates, you may access their website via this link.

I think more than the fact that it is such a beautiful place, not the fanciest, but definitely something worth the try and experience. I love how they have packaged everything into one place, whether you're looking for an outdoor adventure, an afternoon dip at the pool, or simply just a hideout place to forget the busy Metro life and go into full zen mode, i think San Rafael River Adventure has that all covered for you.  

Sincely your wandering girl,

San Rafael River Adventure is located at Brgy. Talacsan, San Rafel Bulacan. For more details, you may visit their Official Website via this link.

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