Freedom of Ink

April 11, 2017

I still remember the first time i finished a book (my bad for forgetting the title), i was in my Elementary days back then. I remember doing poetry at such a young age, memorizing unfamiliar words in the dictionary and writing short stories. I think it's pretty safe and true to say that i fell in love with writing before i even realize it. It was natural, sudden and beautiful. 

And just like any other millennial, i explored my passion and all the possible things i can do with it. I signed up for Tumblr, opened a new Instagram page dedicated for my quotes and even tried to write a book, and man, was it fun! but as much as i want to keep up with my personal hype, life gets in the way. Work gets in the way, weekend chores, events, deadlines, and pretty much just life in all its sense, gets in the way. I start to wonder how other people manage to do it, i envy those who get to write all days of their life simply because it also pays their bill enough, and that for me is a dream. Thus, my writing journey has been an on and off travel only because i had to prioritize real life demands versus my personal wishes. 

Until one afternoon during this weekend work event i attended last week, i felt the urge to pursue the first thing that has made me fall in love - writing. After several encouragement from my colleagues and friends, i decided to make this blog. I thought of making a blog that would let me venture into different things while putting it on writing. From food reviews, events, quotes, and even personal insights. Hopefully this blog will help me reach out to more people (especially to my fellow millenials) and let them realize that sometimes, all you need to do is to put yourself out there. 

That there is more to life than dreaming and that is by doing it.

xo Janine

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