The Best Life Lessons You Will Find in One Movie, the Morning Glory

April 15, 2017

Well this post is a little bit biased because i've always been a fan of Rachel McAdams ever since i've watched her on The Notebook. I mean, i can talk all day about how i find her as a brilliant, flexible actress who's capable of always giving you, "the feels". But no, i will be talking about this movie she took part in and why i think this is one of my favorite movies of her, or my favorite movies of all time, in general.

I have plenty of other career-inspiring movies i surely love such as The Devil Wears Prada and The Intern, but Morning Glory has got to be on top. It's a story about Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) and her crazy twisted journey as newbie Executive Producer and how she tries to revive a low-rated morning TV show by bringing in the legendary news anchor Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), an arrogant know-it-all reporter who refuse to do any kind of reporting except for hard sell news. Which leads to an everyday struggle of how Becky will be able to improve, or rather make the show survive before the network decides to cancel it off.

Sound a little boring? maybe. But trust me, you'll have to judge the movie after you've watched it. I definitely love movies that "has it all", from friendship, to love, positivity and career, Morning Glory captures them all.

And for that i'd like to share some of the 5 Best Life Lessons, Morning Glory will have you thinking for days:

1. Luck has its own timing

After watching the movie, you'll know that Becky Fuller worked for several years in the tv industry only to keep failing at many times. It would have been easier for her to just drop everything and leave but she did what most of us should also do, to move forward. Luck certainly has its own timing and it's only a matter of time until you have yours. 

2. Passion pays off, always.

It is guaranteed and it always work. Anything you do where you put heart, dedication and passion on it, will always find its way of rewarding you. The thing is, many of us have the guts to move forward, but not everyone has the guts to stick around, especially on the hardest of days. And i say, as long as it makes you grow, stay. 

3. Being not good enough is good enough

As you see, we always have this perception that everything bad is bad, and vice versa. Without realizing that bad things can also be good, too, and being not good enough is not always that bad. We have to know what our weaknesses are, what we're bad at, what we're not good enough with because acknowledging all these is the only way for us to know what to improve in ourselves. Which doesn't make the bad, bad, right?

4. Know your kind of opportunity

Guilty about this and i know most of you are, but we're in this world wherein people are always searching for opportunities. Because an opportunity can mean something "better", which is not really wrong too. But we have to be aware that plenty of opportunities out there are waiting for us but not all of them are for us, there's a thin life between those two. I say, know your kind of opportunity, something that will make you grow. It doesn't always have to be a high paying job or a huge contract deal for a music record. Materialistic-dreaming will only lead to temporary success, thus, temporary happiness. Know your kind of opportunity, something that you know will do you better, in the long run.

5. People will always expect you to fail

Lastly, know and accept that people will always expect you to fail. They will always be there to judge you, to criticize you, and to doubt you. And that is, OKAY, because if there's anyone who knows best of what you're capable of, it's YOU. And you know the good part? these people may expect you to fail but there are people who expect you to succeed, too. Don't forget to keep those kinds.

I do hope that by the end of this blog, you already got your popcorn or ice cream ready for this movie.

PS. You will need an extra snack and tissue if you're a crybaby like me. ;)
Have fun watching!

xo Janine


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