This Is Why We Need to Be Attached

April 14, 2017

Later on I realized that sometimes we have to go through attachment in order to know what loneliness is all about. We have to go through several heartbreaks; painful midnight worries and commit mistakes, lots of it.

We have to fail, give up, tear up and break down. We have to hate ourselves and feel lost. I realized that at some point in our lives, we have to know the difference between the kind of happiness other people can give us versus the kind of happiness, ourselves could bring.

We have to realize the kind of contentment and fulfillment we feel when other people give us reassurance compared to when we reassure ourselves. The funny thing about self-searching is that sometimes we’re not really aware we’re lost until we’re left behind, feeling all empty. We cling to the happiness we get from other people, sucking out everything they can do to serve our demands. We thought we’re happy, we thought we’re fine until we find ourselves crying in the middle of the night wondering what went wrong and how we ended up being alone.

Some of us might not be aware of this, but loneliness is actually a sickness a lot of us go through. And that one cure we always resort to? Attaching ourselves to people who can only provide us temporary companionship and happiness. That’s why the moment they leave us, we feel completely miserable and empty. I am writing this because I’ve gone through this several times already; I’ve experienced insane level of loneliness and depression, which leads me to relying to people who mostly don’t even know half of who I really am. I’ve gone through break ups and I always wonder why I get to move on so fast. Until I realized that it wasn’t probably a solid love in the first place, but probably and most likely just an attachment. It’s a life dreading cycle I had to go through each and every time, until it finally hit me.

The only way to get through loneliness is to face it, alone.

And it’s easier said than done, trust me. You have to learn the basics all over again. You have to discover yourself, learn what makes you happy, learn what makes you sad. You have to give yourself a chance to learn the world, to love each and every imperfection that belongs to you. I realized that singlehood isn’t really scary after all and is actually something I prefer for the time being until I finally searched myself up. And by that time, hopefully I already know what I want and what I don’t. what makes me happy and what makes me sad. Hopefully I learned to love myself enough in order to be able to love again, this time, just right.

And i hope by that time, the person I lost, will now be found.

Your Lost Girl

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