What Makes Hot Wheels, EPIC.

April 22, 2017

To be honest, working for a toy company gives me the privilege to enjoy these kind of events. I get to be exposed almost every week especially during toy peak seasons on different mall events and as lucky as it can get, i manage to work for a brand that puts a whole new meaning for what it's known for, EPIC. 

As funny and weird as this can be, but this is actually my first personal blog review for a toy brand! I regularly write press releases for toy brands we handle as that is basically part of my job and doing this outside my work comfort zone is just a brand new feeling so i'm more than happy to start it with one of my personal favorites that is, Hot Wheels.

I reckon most of you are already familiar with Hot Wheels, but for a fair quick nerdy background, Hot Wheels is a classic branded die-cast toy cars introduced by the great  American Toy Maker, Mattel in 1968 and of course, the rest is history. 

No wonder you'll see plenty of kids AND plenty of dads hanging around, connecting loops, crashing cars and buying toys during these kind of events. Not to mention the graphic genius behind the design of each cars, Hot Wheels is all about aesthetic design, product quality, competitive pricing and innovation, LOTS of it, which makes it the #1 Vehicle Toy brand to date. With a vision of making things more than awesome, but EPIC.

This year, Hot Wheels holds its first Epic Stunt event that brings together, toy-car lovers at all ages! Witness and see it for yourself and drop by at SM North EDSA The Block from April 21-30 and enjoy different activities such as Trackbuilding workshops (about time you know how to create and connect Hot Wheels loop tracks, because that is just plain cool *insert duh emoji*) and Stunt Factory zone, where you get to practice those stunt skills, crash, race and compete with the other Hot Wheels players, all you need is a Hot Wheels Basic Car to enjoy these epic free play activities, nonstop!

Yes, this will totally give you and your family a refreshing bonding time. Take a break from those movies and shopping, and just PLAY!

 Stunt Factory Zone

Shopping has never been made easier as the selling area is just right around the event corner! choose from several Hot Wheels Collections as much as you want. From Die-cast Cars, Trackbuilder playsets, Loop Tracks, to Limited and Newest collections. Don't think a little self-spoiling for your kid or the kid in you won't hurt right? ;)

Hot Wheels 2017 Monster Jam! Don't you just love how minimalist and cool it is at the same time? 

Don't miss out on the Premiere Zone to get a look on these limited edition Hot Wheels Die-cast  Cars because your Instagram feed can't surely miss these stunners!

What a time to be a kid, yeah? I've never been a toy-car fan nor a doll fan, but anything Hot Wheels is definitely worth a second look for me, or even thrice! Always a favorite, always worth the experience.

Sincerely The Kid In Me,

Hot Wheels is exclusively distributed by Richprime Global Inc. and is available at all leading stores nationwide. To learn more about their products, visit their official Facebook Page (MakeItEpicPH) and website at www.richprime.net.


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