Why Kandle Cafe Has to Be on Your Instagram Feed

April 12, 2017

This Cafe has always been my one of my favorite ever since i'd stepped on it roughly about a month after they first opened April last year. And since i'm making my first ever food blog, i think it will definitely have to go for Kandle Cafe.

Beautifully located along Mother Ignacia Quezon City, this Cafe is actually owned and personally managed by the very hands-on Leslie Ong and her three brothers. Being naturally passionate with coffee, baking and cooking, they landed into this business venture and have been making a number of happy tummies to date.

Have i also mentioned that most of their food ingredients are made in-house? from bread, pasta, patties and even their signature honey which they also sell. What else to love about this place? scroll down for your own pleasure.

I'm such a sucker for good Cafe interior, so no wonder Kandle Cafe had me in a heartbeat. Every corner of it is certainly an indulgence for your eyes, too pleasing and good. It's almost as good as the food, pastries and coffee they serve too!

Yes they are certainly too good to be true! The best thing about their food is that it will not only satisfy your tummy, but even your Instagram feed. They serve real good tasty dishes from pasta, rice meal, sandwiches, burgers, you name it all. Reward your sweet tooth with their cakes, coffee and even milkshake after a delectable meal. With appetizers and soups ranging from P125 to P230, Meals for P210 to P400, coffee and cakes worth P100 to P160, and a BIG amount of serving per each, their food is certainly wallet-friendly. ;)

Their Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy Pasta (P240) is definitely a must-try and is actually one of their signature dishes too. Try and judge for yourself this squid ink pasta sautéed  in smoked bacon, with 36 degree poached egg in the middle with crispy bacon and bread on the side.

The Pan Fried Salmon (P370) is too tender and tasty for my soul! matched with potatoes and salad to come up with a perfect delightful meal.

And my personal favorite! the Pork Tonkatsu Stuffed with Cheese (P280) is just oh so good for my tastebud, and my heart. Served with fermented tonkatsu miso sauce, red ginger, cabbage salad and julienne egg on top. This got me going back to the Cafe several times! Seriously can't get enough of it every time.

This Cafe has got be #cafegoals for me. Every corner and every food should definitely fall on your Instagram, as it's just so hard to keep all the good pictures and memories in your phone! Whether be it an afternoon work session or a random catch up with your friends (which i had), Kandle Cafe has it all covered for you.

Until our next food session? 

Sincerely your Eat-Girl,

Kandle Cafe is located at 113 Mother Ignacia Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City. For more details, you may visit their Official Facebook Page via this link.

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