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May 21, 2017

I'm really thrilled to update you all with what i've been busy about lately. I know i haven't posted new blogs for daaays now and i'm really guilty and sorry for that. Writing has been way past my priorities because of being SO slammed at work until recently, wherein for some reason and some divine intervention have i felt the urge to write again, particularly work on my poetry. 

The thing is, before this blog even happened and all these great things this website has been bringing me since, i've been maintaining an Instagram page that houses all my quotes/poetry. I never thought i had this passion in writing quotes, not until i started writing some way back from 2015. It was a great but an on and off experience (to be honest) as it's trulyyy just difficult to balance life, work, and your passion all at the same time! some months i would post completely nothing AT ALL, then the next month i'd be active again. I started this year pretty consistent about it until these previous weeks, i got SO busy i really had to set it aside.

But i guess that's the thing about your inner passion and desires, it will haunt you in a good, fulfilling way, and i'm just really happy whenever it reminds me to bounce back and not forget those little things that keep you going, despite your crazy busy schedule. And so my new venture in poetry begins as i started collaborating with some of the very talented Illustrators/Designers from Instagram! It just feels so good that in this world full of strangers, you find people you can connect with through art, writing and anything in between. 

With that i'd like to share some of the collaborations i've made with these amazing people:

My writings Illustrated by the very talented @artofbryson

Illustrated by the minimalist designer @iconconstructor

These and a lot more are coming SOON, from some of the very amazing Illustrators from Instagram i'm so lucky i got to work with. I'm so glad to be sharing this experience and journey with people who also inspire other people through their craft. So, here's to living life more than just by paying the bills. ;)

You may check out my works via my Instagram page @jcwritings_ and through my Facebook Page @jcwritings. Put life and color to my writings! you may email me your artworks at or DM me on Instagram so we can get started!

Sincerely your daydreaming girl,

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