Honest Thoughts About The Space Between Us Movie

May 06, 2017

When you thought long distance relationship was hard, you've never seen The Space Between Us for sure (kidding). This movie is just one of those cute romantic movies except that it's sci-fi, and sci-fi is always...interesting. I mean how can it not be interesting to be born and raised on Mars? yes, planet Mars. But how also tragic it is to find out that wanting life on earth would be nearly impossible, having a body and a heart that is not capable of surviving it. 

The first time i've seen the trailer of this movie, i'm like, oh God i got to see this. and i knew i had  to because you don't always get to have that feeling with every trailers, right? So let's have a run down about this movie before i reveal to you my honest thoughts about it. This film is about Gardner Elliot, the first human born on Mars due to a space mission her mother had together with other astronauts, to prove that humans can build a life on mars. But as do accidents happen, her mother got pregnant and so does Gardner's story begins. On his later years, Gardner developed an online friendship with Tulsa, a girl who lives on earth. When finally given the opportunity to travel to earth, reunite with Tulsa and discover all the wonders our human planet has, he soon then found out his heart is not capable of surviving the earth's gravity, or simply to be part of it. 

What i love about this movie is how it gives you all sorts of "feels", excitement, sadness, joy, and tears. Mixed emotions that are packaged into one movie. Which is why this film landed on my movie blog list, and why i think it should too on yours.

Now let's get into my thoughts exactly on the film:

1. The movie was quite unrealistic

What?! i thought this movie was good for you! and IT IS good for me. But reviews are reviews for a reason, to share your naked thoughts about something. And so i think that the movie has its unrealistic parts, i know how technology can be insanely advanced years from now but watching it at our own specific time makes the movie a little unrealistic. For instance, how did Gardner develop an online relationship with Tulsa, a human from earth, and particularly just with her? How Gardner and Tulsa travelled several cities to meet his father with an almost empty pocket. How Gardner learned how to drive the first time riding a car and the list goes on. I think it's pretty challenging to make the film as realistic as it can be, but i knew they did a good job on trying for it to be.

2. The movie was inspirational

Not just because of its typical you and me against the world kind of love story between Gardner and Tulsa, but mostly about seeing someone so genuine about his love and passion for earth. Clearly nowadays, people often forget not just what it's like to live on earth but how lucky we are to be living on it. Not for the reason that some species outside our planet are dreaming to live here (which is SCARY to think) but to realize that there's PLENTY of things to love about life more than the ugly parts of it, we just have to make a better look on it.

3. The story was heartbreaking

How heartbreaking must it be to want something but not to be wanted back right? exactly just what Gardner has experienced. To see someone love the earth so much, meet people for the first time, experience rain, wind, gravity and fall in love. It's heartbreaking to see how life doesn't want the same things your heart wants. For the same reason that we can't always have what we want, but mostly what we need, and sometimes what we need are the ones that tend to break us, for awhile.

4. Asa Butterfield (Gardner) was exemplary

I personally think that Asa Butterfield is going to be huge someday. From his other movie, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children to this movie, i knew for more than anything else, he's born to act. The Space Between Us wasn't a heavy acting film to be honest, and the other actors did an amazing job themselves, but whenever Asa speaks it just beats the senses out of me. The way he convey his lines, the way he looks and just the emotion whenever he talks, really gets me every time! I'm honestly excited for all the upcoming movies he's going to have, because i'm SURE there will be more.

So, what's your favorite thing about earth?


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