13 Reasons Why I Love and Hate, The Show.

May 12, 2017

I guess from all the books and TV shows that i've read and watched, 13 Reasons Why has brought so many emotions in me. I've got plenty of mixed feelings both on the book and on the series. As an avid fan of books, of course I read it first before i decided to watch the show just because the show wouldn't exist in the first place, if not for the book. 

I honestly don't know how to wrap up this blog or where as to begin. My thoughts flow endlessly just simply thinking about the book AND the show, and why exactly do I love and hate 13 Reasons Why.

So here's how my thoughts flow:

1. You're going to be disappointed if you've read the book, first.

It was a terrible feeling watching the show alter and add parts away from what the book originally has plotted out, so yes, it did leave me disappointed especially during the first few episodes of the show. Plenty of scenes were added and changed, including the story line. It was awful, until i learned the reason why

2. You're going to like the show without even reading the book.

I think this is quite a no-brainer for me. The moment Netflix officially launched this show, it's gone viral in just a heartbeat. I mean, the trailer says it all. The controversial story line, the characters, and mainly just how the show was wrapped up. And i reckon a lot has been patronizing the show without even knowing that there is a book behind it.  

3. The show made the story, whole.

At first it was frustrating and dumb for me, why they had to insert a lot of scenes stray from the book. Why do they have to rearrange some scenes, why do they need to focus on the characters more, and the list goes on. Until i get to the later episodes of the show is when i finally realize that they are not really altering the story, but they are making it whole. There's a lot of things unsaid in the book that will keep you wondering, which is why I probably like it as well, because the book gives that privilege to their readers, to continue the story the way they want it. But this show, revealed all that was left unsaid in the book, to make the story whole.

4. The book doesn't deserve a part 2.

For this case alone, i believe the book doesn't deserve a part 2. Because that's the thing about books, it belongs to the readers. Whatever was said and unsaid, the story continues the way you want it, the way you think it's suppose to. The book ended great, and i don't think it needs a part 2 for it to be, greater.

5. The show deserves a Season 2.

I've seen lots of hate comments about the second installment of the show as much as how a lot of people have been looking forward to it, too. And now that i learned what all the changes and added parts done in the show are for, i do agree that it deserves a season 2. Not for the sake of the book alone, but this time, for the sake of the show. Netflix has done a great job in completing the storyline itself, but i never thought they can do even better, by making the story itself, bigger.

With all these being said, i'm happy to witness how the story grew from the book and ultimately in the show. I seriously hated it (at first), but i guess there are things you will only truly accept and learn, the moment you try to understand the entire picture of it.

xo Janine

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  1. Beautifully wrote. Hope you find the time and energy to keep and keep writing them.
    I love the way you think and I completely agree with you. Hope to see lots more coming from you.


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