13 Reasons Why The Book Deserves the Applause, Too.

May 01, 2017

Okay i get it, 13 Reasons Why has made it viral. Everyone's talking about it, everyone has an opinion on it and i do, too. Which led me to writing this blog but this time, i'm going to talk about the BOOK. As soon as Netflix released this newest show, everyone had an eye on it because why wouldn't it be interesting to know more than how a girl killed herself but most especially why she did it? And as much as the whole context of it was very appealing that the show went beyond successful in roughly few months after airing it. I'd like to give Jay Asher, the guy behind this great story the credit, and why the show owe it all to the book, in the first place.

Maaan have i waited for so long to finally be able to write a review about this book which took me longer than it should have. The thing is, i stopped reading the book for quite a WHILE after a few chapters simply because i find it a little scary reading it alone. LOL. I know! pathetic and dumb as it sounds, but every time i'm reading the book, i feel like i'm being watched by Hannah herself. Haha! Until recently that i heard Netflix has done a show for it, and i'm like Oh. My. Lord. I need to finish the book, ASAP, and i did.

And just for a little run down about the book, it revolves around Hannah Baker and the tapes she recorded before she killed herself which she passed on to those people who are the reasons why she did what she did, and one of them is Clay Jensen. As days pass by, the more Clay realizes the whole story behind Hannah's death, different from what most of the people know and understand. That sometimes, death is not only caused by sickness or accident, but words alone. And for those who've read it you must have known for sure that NO, the show isn't entirely the same as with the book, which i'll be talking about on another blog.

So why does the book deserves the applause, too?

The Story

I personally admire how the book was well thought of and written. And by that i mean, it's not just another death or suicide story. The concept itself of a girl killing herself and stating the reasons why on a tape is already worth hearing and reading. Not in the sense that i love the concept of "suicide" but i love how the book gave a different meaning and perspective on it. The way it's patched up every scenes and stories of each characters, connecting all of them into one ending - Hannah's death, is how you know a great story is made.

The Intention

More than its great story line, i love how the book has its own intentions hiding beyond the pages. It's more than just letting the readers know the story of Hannah's death but letting them understand how a simple word you say to someone can change everything. How you stare at people, how you wave them goodbye or the last thing you've told them can change their life, for good.

The Impact

There's nothing greater than leaving a movie theater with a lighter feeling or a greater viewpoint in life, right? Those movies that will keep you thinking for days and would nearly drive you nuts are nothing but the same as with 13 Reasons Why. The moment i finished the book, i couldn't get enough of it and i just know for sure i had to write something about it, which is what i'm doing, now. It's more than just what you think after reading a book, but more of what you feel. And that for me is what counts the most to know when a book has done its job.

The Ending

I've read plenty of good novel endings before but Jay Asher did an amazing job on this one, simple and straightforward. It's a little tricky, you've got to pay attention and read between the lines as it ended with Skye. I know right? Yes, Skye. The girl whom Clay used to have a crush on before Hannah happened, and something i want to further talk about (sorry to spoil you). Upon reading the book you'll know that there's this one scene wherein Skye tried talking and reaching out to Clay on a bus ride, but Clay having his mind rushing on those tapes didn't get the entire scene all pictured out, so he left Skye on the bus. Until he finally finished all the tapes and passed them on, seeing Skye on the school hallway and realizing she's going through the same road as with Hannah, with the way she looked at him and the way she walked away, Clay knew well enough he's not going to let it happen to her, too. The show doesn't have the same ending as with the book. Which disappointed me at first, but clearly, the producers know for sure they had to do something about this craze. Thus, a different ending landed. 

I know the show has been getting plenty of praises, but i think for more than anything, the show wouldn't be a success without its backbone, the book. 

Until then.

Sincerely the nerd in me,

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  1. I haven't read the book yet, and your article makes me want to...
    I do have a blog too, and I'm new to it. Would you mind checking?
    Insights from long time bloggers like you will be of much great help.
    Hope you consider.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Mon! i assume you've seen the show? :) and i guarantee that the book is worth reading. It may seem a little confusing as it's not exactly the same as with the show but knowing what originally happened in the book is something to keep. You seem to be doing a great job on your blog, just keep writing articles that interest you and that you think may interest people too. I know it's hard to regularly write content but i think that's one of the key in building a good blog. Feel free to comment or shoot me an email anytime if you have inquiries. Cheers! :)


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