What It's Like Working Behind The Limelight

June 10, 2017

The past few weeks have obviously been such a roller coaster ride for me. Nonstop weekend events, late night works, and deadlines that will seriously drive you dead (just kidding, I’m still alive). I’ve literally been swamped with work but I’m still grateful despite all of it. Some people might think that working for a toy company and being especially engaged with events as a Media & PR Specialist is a fun, easy-fancy job. IT IS, but there’s really more into it, more behind all those successful events, those smiles, those gorgeous event setup, and event giveaways.

It is a tough job and as ironic as it can be, working for a toy company isn’t all about PLAYTIME.

But you know what’s even funnier? I’ve never enjoyed my job this much. I can work almost 13-15 hours regularly in a week full of weekend events. I do a minimum of 7 hours weekend works during events that our house have seriously become almost like a bed-space unit for me. I know it may sound SAD for you, and that you’re wondering why I’m letting myself deal with all these when I know I have better options, but I do have my fair share of reasons and that’s what I initially wanted to share in this blog (especially to my fellow overworking-millennials).

Being young, educated and skilled can give every millennials so many opportunities out there, which is one of the reasons why a lot of young professionals nowadays switch from one job to another in just a snap. What do they have to lose anyway? They are having the time of their lives. They are young, full of fresh ideas, and eager to get experience, LOTS of it. I think that way too, having a career-oriented mind, I always think of ways on how I can help myself grow. But as time pass by, I learned the value of quality versus quantity. I learned the value of pain, the value of sleepless nights, criticisms and insecurities. I realized that going through this tough phase at such an early age is such a blessing in disguise, and I am already THANKFUL for it.

Because the earlier I experience pain, the earlier I experience growth.

And growth doesn’t necessarily mean having a high paying job or several work portfolio while living in a suit and tie. Growth for me can be as simple as knowing your priorities, knowing what matters most and those things you need to let go. Growth is about saying “I know I’ll get through this” instead of saying “what are my other options”. It’s about having a personal satisfaction by just seeing the output of your work and how you inspire other people. These are things I get to experience from my job and even MORE.

Seeing how can I affect people positively through my work with just a simple event invite, a simple appreciation email, or just meeting my deadlines are more than enough to get me going through the day. There’s nothing better than working for a company that not just trusts what you can do, but also believes that you can do more.

I know someday I will have to eventually leave, but all I’m sure of today and for the coming days is that I’ve never been happier, never been better, and that giving up is the last thing in my to-do list right NOW.

xo Janine


  1. Can't thank you enough for making little girls happy specially my little girl. Continue to inspire others. Love reading your blog

    1. Thank you Ms. Lara! i'm happy to know i made you guys happy. Thank you for all the support too! :)

  2. Congratulations to your team on every successful event Ms Janine :). Thank you for letting our kids and us adult enjoy these kind of events, We are grateful to be part of it. Thank you for making our hearts full and those smile on our kids faces is truly magical for us parents and that wont be possible without your hardwork and passion. �� More power!

    1. Awee, thank you for the kind words Ms. Mira! this keeps me moving. I'm really happy you and your little girls enjoyed it. :) Appreciate all the support.


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