Why Kita Kita Is Not An Eye-opener For Me

July 30, 2017

This movie is and was sure a hit as soon as it's launched in Cinemas roughly 2 weeks ago, and not being a fan of independent films in general, i didn't care. I'm not really a fan of tagalog movies as i find most of them clichéd and predictable which is why i'd always go for and choose foreign films in just a heartbeat. 

But then, the hype is just too much to bear and to ignore already. From movie reviews, friend recommendations and several online status (mostly good and few bad ones), i decided to see the movie for myself and be my own judge which is what i did, exactly.

And while sitting through and watching the movie the entire time, trying to find the magic in it, i find myself lost instead. I find Kita Kita to be just another rom-com movie and it blows my mind how people are insanely moved by it.

I know a lot of people WOULD definitely disagree on me and might even hate me for thinking such way, just how some of my friends say, i'm just another hater in the industry of romantic tagalog movies. But just to make myself clear, i DO NOT hate the movie. In fact, i enjoyed it, i find it twisted-ly cute and funny at the same time. I find it refreshing knowing i'm only watching a two-celebrity film who both pulled the movie off. But no, i wasn't insanely moved, i didn't leave the movie sore and teary-eyed. I left it feeling blown away not because of the movie, but how wildly great people find it to be.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong if you liked the movie, probably WAAY too much. After all, we all have different opinions with lots of things and mine just happen not to go along with what most people have. Which is also why i decided to make a movie review out of it, because just as how people are patronizing the film, i want to voice out how I find and see the film differently. 

So let me share with you why i think Kita Kita movie is a hit and why it is not an eye-opener for me.

1. Kita Kita is romantic and naturally has the "kilig" vibe in it. 
And filipinos love that, or people in general actually. Who doesn't like feeling a little butterfly in their stomach, blushing and wishing they have the same Empoy in their life right? Romantic movies in itself has to have that vibe yes, so i give the movie two thumbs up for that.

2. The movie is loaded with cheesy-pick-up-lines and even funnier ones.
Something to put in your Facebook status or something to throw to your crush when you have nothing to talk about in your chat. Heck YES, the "masa" love that.

3. Below-average guys still have hope in love.
Come on, this is painfully true. The movie gave that hope, which is why Empoy is an automatic star right? he's a perfect fit for the character. A lot can relate to it (to him), and that's why a lot of people like it. 

4. The suprise-stalker-moves are now considered romantic.
Who wouldn't like to have unexpected flowers, letters and such right? I mean, the gesture itself is simply romantic and the very fact that someone out there is looking out for you (literally looking out without you knowing). You know, just some guy creeping around your neighborhood and knowing your whereabouts are now considered romantic. Not to even mention getting a billboard from a stranger, just to ask you out on a coffee date (not about the movie but, whatever).

5. Japan is beautiful, it's an awe to watch during the film.
I think this is no-brainer, Japan is beautiful. Most of the scenes look effortlessly beautiful and people like anything, beautiful.

6. The movie has a lot of life-teaching lessons.
Something i also liked about the film, seeing life and not seeing it in just a snap will give you so many feels and realizations.

7. The crazy flashback plot twist is something new and fresh for the viewers.
I personally think this is why most people loved it, the surprising plot twist in the end. Something new, something different. Gone are the happily ever after endings after all (spoiler alert).

I think all those, combined with the online hype, media exposures and movie-quotes surrounding the online world, is why the movie such a big hit.

But why is Kita Kita not an eye-opener for ME, and just another kilig rom-com film rather?

1. Kita Kita is just another predictable tagalog-film.
The very reason why i hate tagalog films is the very first reason why i didn't find Kita Kita, extraordinary. A lot of scenes, if you are a careful observant and logically OC are already obvious and predictable. With just the beginning of the film, you know right there that Empoy has been stalking Alessandra the whole time (spoiler alert).

2. Cheesy-pick-up-lines don't fancy me.
I know i sound so hater here lol, but no it doesn't really work for me so much. They're cute yes, witty and well-thought-of. But i just find it shallow and painful to watch how many girls (not all) are falling head over heels on it. 

3. Stalker-moves are creepy, period.
They're not romantic, no questions asked. I mean, little surprises are romantic and cute yes. But being stalked by a stranger to the extent of wearing a banana costume to disguise himself and have drinks with his crush, is NOT (spoiler alert). 

4. Self-esteem issues are relevantly obvious in the movie. 
Tonyo (Empoy), despite meeting Lea (Alessandra) when she still can see didn't have the guts of personally and properly introducing himself to her (despite Lea seeing him at the fountain park). Only did he decide to pursue her massively is by the time she lost her sight. I know it's not explicitly stated or indicated in the movie, but going through the scenes twice or thrice will make you see and think so. 

5. Below-average looking guys don't have hope in face-to-face courtship or relationship.
This might probably be just me, but i think the movie somewhat made that clear. It didn't push through with the normal face-to-face panliligaw just because Tonyo is a below-average looking guy. Instead, a beautiful blind girl dating an average-looking guy made the trick. I hate thinking and seeing how people are being stereotyped and boxed like that. There should be more movies encouraging love and relationship beyond all forms of race, looks and status. 

6. The plot twist is not heavily new and surprising.
This is somewhat related to my first reason, but i had to emphasize this even more. The plot twist in the end is cute, sad, and quite new, but if you're going to really pay attention in the beginning of the movie, the plot twist is not very surprising anymore. It kind of sucks because i can see the messaging and plan they have towards it and that it has the chance of being more discrete, surprising and extraordinary. 

I think this pretty much sums up what i feel and think towards the film. At the end, we are our very own critic, people will always have something to say. So just express yourself freely, you only live once so rather not live being afraid to voice out what you think, and feel.



  1. Yup. I had the same feelings when I came out of the movie theater. It was a nice movie but I didn't get that feeling of being emotional after watching the movie

    But still, it was a nice movie that had a slight deviation from the usual romcom that we get. It also made some movie watchers realize to check out the indie films that are being created locally especially the ones joining the Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino. There are some interesting ones to see based from the trailers

    1. Couldn't have said it or agree any better! felt exactly the same. I also started getting curious of how the other indie films are out there, even if i was never interested to them in the first place. Glad someone out there can exactly relate with my thoughts. :)

  2. Hi! Pinoy films aren't exactly as good as the foreign ones. But please, let us support local <3 give it a chance esp these awesome indie films #pilipinaskongmahal

    1. Hello there! :) i see your point and i definitely agree that indie films will always have something special in them. Just voicing out my thoughts about Kita Kita movie and its wild buzz. I see a lot of potential from it and i know it's a great beginning for indie films to dominate the big screens. Cheers!


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